No Contest: “My Life Is A Lifetime Movie” Will Be The Best New Show On Television

In its infinite wisdom, Lifetime is debuting a new reality show that will be called “My Life Is A Lifetime Movie” starring real women sharing their true stories of drama: serial killer husbands, evil twin sisters, prostituting themselves to pay for a dental assistant degree. The best part is that the show will include “high-end recreations” of the juiciest bits. Obviously I am going to be watching the shit out of this.  

“My Life Is A Lifetime Movie” is now in production, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Hopefully that means its not too late for the Frisky staff to propose their own tales of middle-class-white-female woe?

“Mother May I Sleep With The Boss?”
She was a 21-year-old intern. He was an editor high up on the masthead when they caught each other’s eye. What started as a mentorship became a forbidden love affair, a May-December romance that could never be fully realized … or could it???

“Not Without My Dog!”
Following a bitter breakup, a woman is driven to desperate measures to attain custody of their pet dog. But will she resort to murder?  

“In Love With A Sociopath”
A New York girl falls in love with an artist across the country. He seems too good to be true — and he is! 

A college student falls in love with a paraplegic. But when summer break comes, he falls in love with an awkward girl with rock star dreams. They move in together across the dorm hall from the brokenhearted college student … and she stalks them through the peephole.

“Rooming With Disaster”
When a small-town girl meets her new college roommate, she’s sure they’re going to be best friends. She never expected to be sucked into a dark underworld of lies, betrayal, kleptomania, projectile vomit, and Sublime cover bands. She never stood a chance.

Do you have any melodrama that would make a perfect original Lifetime TV movie starring Jennifer Love Hewitt as you and Sally Field as your mom? Of course you do! Let us know your “My Life Is A Lifetime Movie” tale in the comments.

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