Loyal Puppy Waits Around for Two Days After Being Retrieved by Owner

I’m usually not into small pups, but Rambo, a nine-month old Yorkie, has completely stolen my heart! After being left behind at a motorway rest stop for TWO WHOLE DAYS, Rambo’s owner, Michael Siau, finally found him waiting patiently for Siau’s return. Rambo was left at a stop in Hannibal, Missouri after Siau had gotten out of his truck to stretch is legs, unaware that Rambo was following behind him. One-hundred-seventy miles from the rest stop, Siau looked in the back seat and realized his little pooch was nowhere to be seen. 

Crying, the dog owner called the police in what he thought to be the right town, but then realized he had been calling the wrong authorities, and two days later contacted The Hannibal Local Animal Unit. The local unit had told a relived Siau that Rambo had been doggedly waiting for his unobservant owner the whole time.

While my dog can actually open doors in my house (awesome, I know), he definitely would never have the patience that our little friend Rambo is blessed with. You’re a lucky man, Michael Siau. [Daily Mail]

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[Photo: The Courier-Post]