Violence Against Women Is Oh-So-Glamorous!

It’s almost too easy to get angry about fashion editorials that glorify violence against women — especially so grotesquely, as in this Bulgarian magazine 12. Six different photos depict gorgeous models staring blankly into the camera, each sporting a serious injury. Here’s the black eye image, but the others are all quite graphic: one a slit throat, another has a mouth ripped open, and yet another looks as if her face has been burned with acid.

Whether the violence is supposed to suggest domestic violence from an unseen partner or self-inflicted abuse, we do not know. But it hardly matters, does it? It’s still needlessly, over-the-top violent — not to mention unoriginal. Plenty of other artists, from Kanye West in his “Monster” video to photographer Tyler Shields’s pics of “Glee” actress Heather Morris with a black eye, have depicted sexualized violence against women before. It’s not new. It’s not particularly thoughtful. It’s not doing much else other than getting bloggers like me annoyed and probably giving some creepos a hard-on. Can’t anyone in fashion editorial have some fresh ideas? Please?


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