Natasha Trethewey, African-American Pulitzer Prizewinner, Named Poet Laureate

  • Natasha Trethewey, a Pulitzer Prize-winning author, has been named Poet Laureate of the United States. Trethewey has written three collections of poetry, one nonfiction book, and teaches creative writing at Emory University. She is the first Southerner to win since the first-ever laureate and the most recent black poet laureate since 1993. Her fourth book of poems, Thrall, is scheduled for publication in the fall. [New York Times]
  • Find out more about an utterly scary “super bill” restricting access to abortion proposed by Michigan State Representative Bruce Rendon, a Republican. [Feministing, Think Progress
  • A “booth babe” at this week’s Computex exhibition in Taiwan says tech companies are pressuring women they hire to man the booths to show more and more skin. [CNET]
  • Xeni Jardin, the co-editor of the blog Boing Boing (and one of our favorite women on Twitter), smacks down The New York Times for a piece it ran this weekend about sexism in Silicon Valley, which declared “Men invented the Internet.” Uh, I think y’all men mean are credited with inventing the Internet. [Los Angeles Times]
  • A federal appeals court was expected to hear arguments today regarding a Texas law which banned Planned Parenthood clinics from receiving state and federal funding. The PP clinics were targeted by the state because they provide abortions, in addition to all the other services they offer, like cancer screenings. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Meet the female kickball pitchers of Brooklyn who are turning sexism in co-ed team sports on its head. [Brooklyn Paper]
  • If we just ignore “lingerie football,” will it go away? [The Conversation]
  • Six reasons to be psyched you are dating a feminist! [How About We]
  • On dressing to honor your body. [Already Pretty]
  • The province of Alberta in Canada has reinstated funding for gender reassignment surgery for transgender folks, three years after it was cut from the budget. [Calgary Herald]

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