Style Stealer: Karolina Kurkova’s Hip New York Grunge

Models! Not only are they superhumanly coltish and beautiful, but they also have impeccable street style, probably due in part to all of the amazing (and often free) clothes they’re constantly surrounded by. I’m pretty sure they’re all like this, because I have never seen nor heard of an off-duty fashion model looking less than, like, exponentially better than me on my best day ever. It helps that many of them have somewhat of a uniform, and that uniform is black: painted-on skinny jeans, cool combat boots, a breezy tank top or sweater and some kickass jacket. Karolina Kurkova is a gorgeous non-exception to the rule who gets all glitz and glamour on the red carpet and then classic New York City cool in her downtime. (Also, she doesn’t have a bellybutton.) I love how she looks comfortable and ready to trek anywhere (let’s face it, a chauffeured Town Car is probably following her just in case her feet get tired in those Isabel Marant wedge sneakers). While there are most definitely some lofty names attached to this seemingly careless outfit, it’s easy enough to achieve without the supermodel price tag. Let’s do it!

Rich & Skinny Legacy Leather-Look Jean, $133.65, Amazon
GUESS Cayenne East/West Tote, $148, Zappos
Ash Cool Suede Strapped Wedge Sneakers, $241.79, ASOS
Morning Warrior Pride Tee, $34, Urban Outfitters
Lleve, $89.95, Steve Madden
Utility Jacket, $69.99, Gap