Addicted To Facebook? Answer These 6 Questions To Find Out!

Many of us will ‘fess up to being a little Facebook-obsessed. Maybe we update our status a little too often or scroll through the newsfeed during boring dinner parties, but is it possible to actually be addicted to Facebook? Norwegian researcher Cecilie Schou Andreassen thinks so, and she’s devised a questionnaire to support her theory. Take the Facebook addiction test, after the jump!

So, here’s the deal. All addictions are characterized by six components: salience, mood modification, tolerance, withdrawal, conflict, and relapse. Andreassen applied these indicators to Facebook usage to create the Bergen Facebook Addiction Scale. The scale can be used to identify a spectrum of addictive behaviors, but put simply, if you answer “yes” to these six questions, you may be exhibiting an addiction to Facebook.

During the past year, have you…

1. …spent a lot of time thinking about Facebook or planned use of Facebook? (Salience)
2. …used Facebook in order to forget about personal problems? (Mood modification)
3. …felt an urge to use Facebook more and more? (Tolerance)
4. …become restless or troubled if you have been prohibited from using Facebook? (Withdrawal)
5. …used Facebook so much that it has had a negative impact on your job/studies? (Conflict)
6. …tried to cut down on the use of Facebook without success? (Relapse)

How’d you do? Any Facebook addicts out there? I’m definitely on the edge. Might be time for a trip to Facebook rehab–a magical place where people actually talk to their friends in real life. The first stage of treatment involves eating a really gorgeous waffle without taking a picture of it first. Wish me luck!

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