Encourage Your Senators To Support The Paycheck Fairness Act!

  • Tomorrow the U.S. Senate is scheduled to vote on the Paycheck Fairness Act, which will strengthen the Equal Pay Act of 1963. Simply put, equal pay is the reason that Peggy Olson would not get paid less than Michael Ginsberg just because she’s a woman. And that goes the same for you and the dude sitting in the cubicle across from you. Urge your senators to vote in support of the PFA — find out how to contact them at the link! [Feministing]
  • Boston photographer Glenford Nunez capturing black women’s natural hair in a cool new endeavor called “The Coiffure Project.” [Uptown Magazine]
  • The Vatican denounced an American nun who wrote a book about Christian sexual ethics, which included acceptance of same-sex marriage, masturbation and remarriage after divorce. [New York Times]
  • The creepiest coworker ever secretly filmed a woman using her breast pump in the office. [New York Daily News]
  • On sexual harassment in the world of video gaming. [BBC]
  • Women’s rights activists in Morocco are protesting the country’s ban on abortion, pointing out that women are dying from illegal, unsafe back-alley abortions. [News24]
  • Colombians have been marching in the capital of Bogota to denounce the rape and murder of Rose Elivra Cely, a single mother who was attacked and killed while selling sweets. Colombians say there should be tougher punishments for rapists to deter the violence. [BBC]