Bizarre Love Triangle: Woman Sues Neiman Marcus Over Husband’s Shopping Spree

A Dallas-area man allegedly thought he could have his cake and eat it, too — by purchasing more than a million dollars worth of gifts from Neiman Marcus for his wife and letting his mistress (who worked as a personal shopper at the department store) get the commission on the sale. Now Robert Tennison’s wife Patricia Walker is suing the department store, claiming fraud.

She says that her husband actually used her money to purchase the $1.4 million in jewelry, clothing and ugly decorative art — much of which remains unused and unwanted in a storage facility — so that his mistress Favi Lo could reap the benefits.

Adding insult to injury (literally!), Walker says that she was unaware of her husband’s horrible spending spree because she had been seriously injured in a car accident in 2007. She was homebound until 2010, and only made aware of the fact that Tennison had been spending her money when he filed for divorce from her in 2010.

Said Walker’s lawyer Mark Ticer in the lawsuit, Lo and Tennison “conspired on these purchases to both enable Tennison to live a lavish lifestyle that he could not afford on his own.” Further, says Ticer, Lo was never disciplined by Neiman’s and still works at the store.

Neiman’s  had no comment on the case. [Huffington Post]