All The Crazy ’90s Slang Express Wants You To Know

Mall retailer Express was really cutting edge in ’90s, so much so that it created a special “slang” guide for its employees, (presumably) so they could fluently converse with any and all manner of customer. But given that this manual was created in the late ’90s, during the era of “Beverly Hills, 90210″ and party rap, there are a lot of ridiculous entries in this list. 

Of course, a lot of these terms are still in use — and are actually in the dictionary. Still, it’s funny to see corporate culture try and adapt to the streets. Some definitions, after the jump!

Ahite. (adj.): okay, acceptable.
B. (noun): a person.
Bomb. (adj.): great, phat
Crab. (noun.): 1) Somebody you don’t like. 2) Disrespect to a Crip.
Dope. (adj.): the best.
Feel me. (fig. spch.): understand, relate.
Hoodrat. (noun): somebody always in the hood.
Jigga (noun): police, the man, 5-0
Keeping it on the L. (v/adj.): keep it to yourself
Narc. (noun): someone who tells on you
Off the hook. (fig. such.): 1) good 2.) bad
Piece. (noun): gun.
Thug. (noun): a gangster
Trick no good. (fig such.): describes someone or something you don’t like.
Up in this piece. (noun.): place, where we’re at.
Wassup: (fig. spch.): hi, what’s up.

There’s pages and pages of the stuff in the actual manual — some of which we’ve reproduced for you after the jump! [The Awl via Racked]