5 Ways To Celebrate National Cheese Day

Happy National Cheese Day, everyone! What are you doing to celebrate? I’m carving a life-size bust of Alexander Hamilton out of a wheel of Parmesan, but I do that every Monday, so I need to do a little something extra to celebrate this special day. Looking for some inspiration? After the jump, check out five ways to pay homage to the most delightful dairy product…

1. Try a new kind of cheese. There are so many different kinds of cheese out there, from creamy bries to stinky blues and everything in between. Even the most experienced cheese aficionados haven’t tried them all. You can pick one yourself from the cheese section of a grocery store or hit up a cheese counter and ask for a recommendation. My boyfriend–the cheesemonger!–suggests a Tomme-style cheese or “little goat crottins.” I have no idea what those are, but they sound adorable.

2. Make a cheesy recipe. Why not use this random holiday as an excuse to make a rich, gooey, delicious dinner tonight? This rosemary chevre mac and cheese is kind of blowing my mind right now.

3. Watch a cheesy movie. Was that a bad pun? Totally. Is this a stretch of the true meaning of Cheese Day? Definitely. But if you’ve been looking for justification to watch “A Walk To Remember,” well, here’s your chance.

4. Host an impromptu wine and cheese party. The great thing about wine and cheese parties is that expectations are very low. No one’s ever left a wine and cheese party and been like, “Man, what a letdown. I was hoping there would be a piñata,” because all the information is right there in the title: wine and cheese. That’s all you’re gonna get, and that’s all you need. So text a few of your besties, tell ‘em to come over at 7, and swing by the store on your way home to grab a few bottles of cheap wine and some interesting hunks of cheese. Remember: the piñata is totally optional.

5. Flirt with a cute cheesemonger. I might be a little biased, but I think cheese guys are the cutest. If you’ve been eyeing your local fromage expert, today’s the day to make your move. Heck, you can even flirt with my boyfriend if you want. It’s National Cheese Day. Anything goes.