3 Reasons Why Going To A Wedding Alone Is Good For Your Self-Esteem

This weekend, I went to Vermont to see my best friend from childhood get married. It was really wonderful; there’s a special feeling that comes from witnessing someone you knew as a child celebrate such an adult occasion, you know? And it’s also rare that I’m around people outside of my own family who can say, “I knew Amelia when she was yea high” — their hand only four feet off the ground — “and had a bowl cut.” Ahh, memories.

I must admit, though, that I was a little nervous about going to this wedding in particular, as it was the first one I would be attending alone. While I obviously knew the bride and her family, everyone else was going to be a stranger to me. Would there be other singles? Would I have the balls to get out on the dance floor? Would I fall into a lake again? And, most cliche of all, would I be sad about being nowhere near close to making such a commitment myself?

Well, it turns out, being a single gal at a wedding — especially a wedding where you don’t really know anyone — is seriously underrated and I had a blast. It was, dare I say it, really kind of great for the self-esteem. Here are three reasons why…

1. You are mysterious. Generally, wedding guests can be divided up as follows: family, groups of current friends, and mysterious leftover friends from a bygone era. I fell in the last category. While Bygone Era Friends are always a little mysterious to top tier groups of current friends, you’re instantly less interesting if you bring a boyfriend/girlfriend. No offense, but then you’re just a random couple no one knows or really cares about. But the single girl who walks into the ballroom in higher heels than everyone else and is all, “Hey, where’s the champagne?” Who is she?! That girl, my friends, was me.

2. Your take on things is fresh and new. I was seated at a table with a bunch of couples. As part of a sort of “get to know each other” exercise, one guy suggested we share bad date stories. Hello, my expertise! Next, we shared what three movies we would bring to a desert island. Going around in a circle, they were all vaguely unsurprised by each other’s choices. “I would bring ‘The Notebook,’ a porn, and some sort of outdoor survival video that must exist,” I said. They all looked at me as if they had just heard Einstein introduce a new theory.

3. You are a hot commodity. The thing about being one of the few single gals at a wedding is that you will undoubtedly find that one or more of the few single guys immediately believes that means the two of you should hook up. This can be a good thing (if he’s hot!) or a bad thing (if he’s not!). I prefer to see it as an unusually flattering thing. See, it’s not like there are dudes banging down my door at all hours of the night in my regular life. But this weekend, one very persistent groomsman 1) slipped me his room key, 2) called my room no less than five times in the middle of the night to remind me he had given me his room key, and 3) practically did knock down my door trying to sweet talk his way in. Sleazy? Totally. Did I go for it? Absolutely not. But did I feel like the hottest piece of ass at a somewhat deserted Vermont ski lodge for six hours? Yes. Yes, I did.