Meet Fred, The Psychic Ferret

Fred the ferret isn’t the first animal to be blessed with psychic abilities, but he may be the cutest. Not that ferrets are cute, per se, but in the world of psychic animals, Fred is at least a little bit fluffy. I mean, it’s hard to get excited about a psychic octopus. I’m referring to Paul, the sea creature who predicted Germany’s 2010 World Cup wins with frightening accuracy. There’s also a psychic parrot and a sheep, but I don’t care much about them. Anyhow, back to Fred. The Ukrainian rodent is on board to predict the outcomes of the Euro 2012 games. How will he do that without being able to speak you ask? He will be put in a “Fan Zone” where plates of food bearing flags of competing teams will be placed. Fred will have 15 minutes to eat off of one of the plates. Whichever one he chows will be the winner. That sounds more exciting to me than watching the actual games. I hope they are planning to televise Fred’s Fan Zone sessions. [Telegraph UK]