Style Stealer: Alexa Chung’s Easygoing Downtown Edge

Alexa Chung’s talent, the skill responsible for her ascent to fame, is dressing extraordinary well, and does she ever. Though it’s tempting to explain it away as such, it’s not just that everything looks good on her beanpole figure — she really knows how to put a look together using a diverse mix of high and low (admittedly, more high these days), and she’s never afraid to go out on a limb. Surely Alexa does have genetics to thank as well as her own knack for dressing, but she’s so low-key and self-effacing that I can’t help but like her in a way that I can’t muster for most of our famous-for-next-to-nothing celebs. That said, I would do anything for her wardrobe. Anything, I tell you. This look is the consummate example of Alexa’s off-duty British cool — a super-short fitted skirt, edgy boots with socks peeking out, and a boyish pullover are perfectly suited to pretty much anywhere you may go. You know what I always say: let’s steal it, shall we?

1. Cafe Noir Ankle Boots, $95, YOOX
2. J Kennedy Cachemire Sweater, $138, YOOX
3. Rabbit Ankle Socks, $6, Topshop
4. Roccatella Olivia Satchel, $208.60, Shopbop
5. MINKPINK Stripe Ponte Mini Skirt, $50, Urban Outfitters