Unlikely Style Inspiration: Cat Ladies

The term “cat lady” is often used to describe a dowdy spinster, but we’ve always considered it a compliment. Looks like the world is finally catching on, because cat ladies are actually having something of a fashion moment right now. Here are eight of our favorite cat-themed items to help you become a crazy-stylish cat lady. Check out shopping details after the jump!

1. “I Like Cats” Raglan Shirt, $28, Etsy

2. Gold Cat Ring, $288, The Gold Cat

3. Silver Cat Stud Earrings, $25, Etsy

4. “Feline Fabulous” Strapless Dress, $90, Modcloth

5. “Cats Do It Better” Tank Top, $20, MANGO

6. Cosmic Cats Necklace, $33, Modcloth

7. White Cat Swimsuit, $150, Nasty Gal

8. Black Cat Brooch, $35, Amazon