The Mystery Of Amelia Earhart’s Death Might Be Traced To A Jar Of Freckle Cream

Seventy-five years ago, pilot Amelia Earhart went missing while attempting to fly across the globe. Recently, a possible clue to the details surrounding her mysterious disappearance and death was found on an uninhabited island in the Pacific Ocean. The clue? A jar of anti-freckle cream.

The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (TIGHAR), discovered a small cosmetics jar broken into five pieces while researching on Nikumaroro Island in the republic of Kiribati. (Basically the island is in bumblefuck, but more specifically, it is about 3,000 miles from the northwestern coast of Australia.) When reassembled, the pieces of the jar look identical to a product called Dr. C. H. Berry’s Freckle Ointment, an anti-freckle cream made from 11 percent mercury that supposedly made freckles fade. According to a TIGHAR researcher, “It’s well documented Amelia had freckles and disliked having them.”

Historians have long thought Earhart’s plane crashed into the Pacific Ocean during her 1937 flight. But in recent years, a theory — the with supporting research backed by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton — has formulated that suggests the pilot landed or crashed on Nikumaroro Island. Other artifacts found on the site show someone briefly lived on the island and was there long enough to be boiling water over a campfire. This freckle cream jar discovery suggests that someone might have been Earhart.

Kinda cool to think how our beauty products are still connected to us long after we are gone, isn’t it? 


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