Congress Rejects Sex-Selection Abortion Ban

  • Some good news for once: the House of Representatives rejected the Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act (PRENDA), a ban on abortions based on the gender of the fetus. The bill would have imposed jail time on medical professionals who terminated pregnancies if they had “knowledge” that the woman sought the abortion because of the gender of the fetus.  While sex-selective abortions do occur in some countries — in particular China, which favors boys — it has not been deemed a considerable problem in the U.S. Instead, abortion rights groups said this bill’s only purpose was to restrict reproductive rights. Additionally, Asian-Americans activists worried the bill would contribute to racial profiling of women seeking abortions. [AP]
  • Only two percent of registered female voters say “women’s issues” are a top priority for them in this year’s election, according to a new study by the Kaiser Family Foundation. Instead, 60 percent of registered female voters say the economy is the top issue, followed by health care. [Los Angles Times]
  • Rep. Michele Bachmann of the Tea Party has become the first woman since 1964 to win a Republican delegate in a presidential election, despite dropping out of the race five months ago. [The Daily Beast]
  • The Planned Parenthood Action Fund has unveiled their new ad targeting Mitt Romney, which quotes from his own public statements about women’s reproductive health. [New York Times]
  • Women’s offices are less bacteria-laden those those belonging to men, according to a new study. [TIME]
  • Wow, this mailer for the U.S. Senate Federal Credit Union depicting a headless blonde woman with big boobs is pretty WTF. [Huffington Post
  • Prosecutors in New York say a woman continued to perform illegal and dangerous silicone butt injections even after she was arrested. What is wrong with people? [New York Daily News]
  • Meet Marlen Esparza, a woman boxer competing this summer in the 2012 Olympics in London. [The Atlantic Monthly]
  • Against Me!’s lead singer Laura Jane Grace — born Tom Gabel — performed for the first time on Friday since coming out as transgender. [New York Daily News]
  • Here is a poem by Sonya Renee called ‘Why We Hold Our Tongues’ on the stigma associated with abortion. [Reproductive Health Reality Check]
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