Pheromone Parties Are The New Speed Dating

There’s a new way to meet potential suitors that doesn’t involve engaging in awkward conversation. In New York and Los Angeles, singles are attending mixers called Pheromone Parties, which allow participants to use their noses to find a date. Creator of the parties, Judith Prays, thinks scent is a more natural and intuitive way to find out if someone turns you on.

Here’s how it works: Singles pay the $30 fee, show up sans deodorant, lotion or perfume/cologne, but with a T-shirt they’ve been sleeping in for the last three nights. The pheromone infused tees are placed in plastic baggies and given numbers. Then singles drink absinthe and sniff away until they find their favorite stank. When they identify the smell most suited for them, they take a picture with the numbered plastic baggie. These photos are projected on a screen and daters can decide whether or not they want to approach.

Actually, I kind of want to go to there. I’m fiercely pro-smell and anti-forced convo. And absinthe? It does really interesting things to the brain. Or at least it did the last time I drank it. But that’s another story. Maybe I’ll attend a Pheromone Party. It sounds oddly bohemian and post-modern at the same time. [LA Weekly]

How about you? Would you sniff your dates instead of talking to them?