5 Things You Should Know About New “America’s Next Top Model Judge” Bryanboy

There’s been a lot of shake ups in Tyra Banks’ “Top Model” world of late. As she struggles to make “ANTM” relevant and engaging in its zillionth “cycle,” Ty-Ty decided to mix up the judging panel by getting rid of judging mainstay (“Noted Fashion Photographer”) Nigel Barker and model coach/shoot producer Jay Manuel (that’s Mr. Jay, if you’re confused). Tyra has kept Kelly Cutrone (who started last season) and recently plucked up model Rob Evans. And her latest hire? Blogger and fashion week regular Bryanboy.

After the jump, five things you should know about the new face on “ANTM”‘s judging panel.

1. He’s got legit fashion connections. He rose to fame after coming to the attention of Marc Jacobs, who designed the extra special BB bag after the young blogger in 2008. Jacobs employed it in his F/W 2008 collection.

2. He won’t be flirting with the “ANTM” models. Bryanboy knew he was gay at the age of 12, and is allegedly currently dating a Swedish investment banker.

3. He’s older than he looks. Part of what made him such a phenom was lying about his age. He claimed that he started his blog in 2004 at the age 0f 17. In reality, he was 22. He’s now 31.

4. Don’t expect a lot of criticism from him on the show. His perspective on his blog is to be tactically inoffensive. That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have a cruel streak. He was linked to a now-defunct Filipino blog called Chikatime that poked fun at high-ranking socialites and government officials, though no one ever definitively held him responsible for the site.

5. Though he’s gay, he’s not into transsexuals competing in beauty pageants. And tweeted as much. So that may pose a problem if “Cycle 19″ contains any MTF models.