Sleepy & Stupid: Key Qualities Men Look For In One Night Stands

Ladies, if you’ve ever wondered why you’re always heading home from the bar alone, the answer could be depressingly simple: you are too intelligent and alert. has a really fascinating piece about an article soon to be published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior about “sexual exploitability,” or how the male of the species chooses to pursue a female of the species who seems most sexually susceptible. Or, put it in English, they wanted to find out how men figure out with whom they can score.

You should read the entire piece yourself for the full explanation, because it’s complicated and long-winded. But the bare bones version is men were studied as they responded to a bunch of qualities in potential long-term and short-term mates. And interestingly enough, pictures of women looking sleepy or intoxicated, as well as stupid or immature-seeming, were seen as the most easy lays and most attractive. 

I suppose there are a lot of ways you could interpret this information.  If you’re inclined to think about men who are date rapists — meaning they get off on overpowering a woman against her will — you have a great profile for victims right here. Women who are drunk, asleep, or too young/immature to put up much of a fight are easily overpowered.

But if you’re talking about the good guys out there who just looking for a consensual, easy lay, I would say the data is still kind of depressing. Even if they are not being overpowered, a drunk girl with lower inhibitions or a young woman anxious for sexual experiences, are still viewed as easier to hook up with.  It suggests on some level that men don’t want to have to try too hard for sex. Low-hanging fruit, if you will.

It shouldn’t be too surprising to learn, then, that men didn’t rate these same qualities as attract for longer term partners. Perhaps its because on a biological level, a man knows an immature or intoxicated woman wouldn’t be a good mother to his young.


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Image via Bauer Griffin