Quick! What Should I Do With My Hair?

Help! In less than three hours I have an appointment with the lovely folks at Cutler Salon to get a complimentary hair makeover and I have no idea what I should do! I haven’t gotten my locks cut or colored since November, so I’m desperately in need of some maintenance, but I’m somewhat stumped on what look I should go for. There are a few things I am sure of: I would love to lose a little length because it’s damn hot out, but I also don’t want to go short short. (Basically, this is my long-winded way of saying I want some sort of bob, but not as angled as the one I got last time.) I want to keep my bangs, but Julie and Jessica think I should get them more Rose Byrne-ish. Because I am totally over blowdrying and flat-ironing, I want the cut to emphasize the subtle wave I have in my hair (which I could also emphasize with my BFF the InStyler). As for color, I’m up for almost anything. (Just not blonde. I was blonde for years and it looked terrible and no one told me and I’m still not over it.) Got any suggestions? 

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