Nuns Reprimanded By Vatican For “Radical Feminism”

  • Leaders from a group representing the majority of U.S. Catholic nuns will meet with the Vatican this week to discuss a concern that nuns are enveloped with “radical feminist themes.” [CNN]
  • A women’s health clinic in New Orleans was destroyed last week by an arsonist. Women With a Vision offers HIV testing and assists many low-income women, women of color, and sex workers. Last week, two abortion clinics in Georgia were both set on fire. The FBI is investigating those Georgia fires as possible anti-abortion clinic violence. [Think Progress]
  • A justice system watchdog group released a report last week that says inmates at Alabama’s Tutwiler Prison for Women have been victims of “frequent and severe” sexual abuse and sexual harassment by male guards. []
  • How a liberal city like Washington, D.C., became the frontline for the abortion wars and the latest battleground for a so-called “fetal pain” law. [Atlantic Wire]
  • Batman author and novelist Greg Rucka explains why it is that he writes “strong female characters.” [io9]
  • Turkey’s Cabinet may soon consider a ban on abortion. The prime minister of Turkey recently made headlines for comparing abortion to murder and claiming that abortion is unrelated to women’s rights. [Business Week]
  • A Jordanian woman is suing her former employer, the Dubai Islamic Bank, over a company dress code that would require she cover her hair with a headscarf. Vivian Salameh is a Christian and said that the dress code, which was instituted under new ownership, would violate her own religious beliefs. [Jezebel]
  • A new movie that screened at the Cannes Film Festival, “Cairo 6, 7, 8,” looks at women who confront sexual harassment on public transportation in Egypt on a daily basis. [France 24]
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