Clint Eastwood’s Daughter And Boyfriend Tyler Shields Burn $100,000 Birkin Bag

I take issue with many women who carry Birkin bags (unless, I mean, you’re Jane Birkin), and I swear it’s not envy. Let’s admit that most anyone who totes a bag that cost upward of $10,000 (and probably closer to $20,000 or more) isn’t doing it for the love of the purse: it’s a love of the status symbol. Case closed! I love the shape and design of the celebrity and WASP favorite, but even if my income suddenly skyrocketed, I’d … probably pick a different bag. It’s just so obvious! A Birkin needs no introduction or explanation — it’s like the fashion version of a private jet, and can cost almost as much.

It goes without saying that this bag is not something you just destroy. Pass it down to your children or a beloved friend, or auction it off for charity if that’s what you’re into! The ultimate display of excess and greed would be to trash one of these things on purpose … and that’s exactly what Clint Eastwood’s daughter Francesca, 19, did for a shoot with her boyfriend, celeb photographer Tyler Shields. These two didn’t just ruin the thing, they butchered it — set it on fire and then cut it in half with a chainsaw, to be exact. I mean, come on. Does it get any more reprehensible than this?

Naturally, Francesca has received death threats and other outraged responses via the Internet. She maintains that people just don’t understand “art.” [Celebitchy]