The Shameful Past Of Extrano, DC Comics’ Gay Superhero

The Internet! Sometimes it can teach you a thing or two. Like I didn’t know that DC Comics had a legit gay superhero in the ’80s. Well, let’s rephrase that. DC Comics had a gay superhero, but he was definitely not legitimately written. And in fact, was actually something of an abomination.

He was called Extrano, and he was given all the stereotypical gay characteristics you could imagine. He was fey, flamboyant, obsessed with his har, had a lisp and had the rest of his team call him “Auntie.” And how did he die? Well, he was infected with AIDS by a — wait for it — AIDS vampire named Hemo Goblin. Because, of course, that’s what happened to gays in the ’80 (that was sarcasm there, in case you couldn’t tell). 

Anyway, there have since been other gay comic book characters, but it’s safe to say that Extrano won’t be coming back anytime soon. Nor would we want him to. [The FW]