Against Better Judgment, Lana Del Rey’s Hair And Makeup Continue To Inspire And Impress

I think we can all agree that Lana del Rey is not set to become the next star on the Adele spectrum. The singer-songwriter’s album, performances, and appearance have been panned by critics and consumers alike since she first gained notoriety via — what else? — the Internet. For me, she’s an incredibly guilty pleasure on par with Katy Perry: I will never, ever expose my love to any of my Young Hip Brooklyn (credit: Ami) friends, but they will have 300+ plays on my iTunes. Del Rey doesn’t have much more to offer than your average pseudo-edgy (ahem, potentially fabricated history of meth addiction?) bubblegum pop star, but I would be lying through my teeth if I said that I didn’t try to emulate her hair and makeup on an everyday basis. Her fashion choices aren’t even that impressive to me (though her Met Ball look could have been stellar had she shed the cape) but whoever does her face nails it every time. Her usual simple-yet-glamorous look is the one I aspire to recreate: well-defined, flicked-out eyes with long lashes, thick groomed brows, neutral lips, and long, side-parted hair styled in retro waves recall Brigitte Bardot. Am I a straight up fraud for loving this controversial star’s beauty style? []