This Week In Sex: Amanda Knox Made Maxim’s Hot 100 List & Etiquette For Post-Sex Showering

  • Do you find it odd that Amanda Knox made Maxim’s Hot 100 list? I do. [Yahoo]
  • These philosophers we’re probably really good in the sack. Obvs Soren Kierkegaard is on the list. I mean, he wrote a book called Diary of a Seducer... [LA Weekly]
  • It’s Fleet Week! Here are some sexy seamen for your viewing pleasure. [TresSugar]
  • People have strong opinions about labias and what they should look like. [Em & Lo]
  • If you watched “Crossroads” and thought Britney Spears’ “losing her virginity” sex scene was ridiculous, you’re going to love this list of the most unrealistic sex scenes of all time. [Em & Lo]
  • Showering right after sex: Rude or not rude? Not rude if you invite your partner to join you. [Your Tango]
  • Oh nooooo! This man allegedly had sex with his neighbor’s dog. [TruTV]
  • Some tips for sharing your fantasies with your SO. [College Candy]
  • Science thinks they know all the reasons why we want to have sex. Bwahahaha! We’ll never tell. [Ask Men]