Arson Suspected At Two Georgia Abortion Clinics

Two abortion clinics have recently experienced suspicious fires, so the FBI announced on Wednesday that it will investigate the incidents as arson.

The first occurred at Atlanta Gynecology and Obstetrics on Sunday; The second fire occurred at the Alpha OB/GYN clinic in Marietta, Georiga on Wednesday. Thankfully no one was hurt in either incident.

But that’s not really the point, is it? Clinic violence is about threats and intimidation. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, some of the doctors whose clinics were burned down had spoken out against a recent bill restricting abortion rights in Georgia’s legislature. Earlier this month, Georgia’s governor signed a so-called “fetal pain” bill stating an abortion could not be performed after 20 weeks, based on the medically unproven idea that that’s when a fetus can feel pain. The doctors wonder whether the fires — as well as laptop robberies at clinics around the state — are retaliation for speaking up.  

Clinic violence seeks to scare patients and staff in a completely misguided attempt to stop abortions from being performed. It’s nothing short of domestic terrorism.  

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