In The Future, We Will Poop Rainbows

Some students studying synthetic biology at Cambridge University engineered a strain of bacteria they called E. chromi. It’s a genetically altered form of E. coli bacteria, which secretes colors when it detects certain chemicals. OK, I am not a scientist, so I can’t explain how this happened in detail. It’s highly involved. You’re going to have to watch the video for that. This is what I do understand: One of the proposed future uses of E. chromi would be as a digestive diagnostic aid. Put your food down if you’re eating because I’m about to get graphic.

It would work is as follows: In the year 2039, you go to the grocery store and get an E. chromi yogurt. The bacteria would move through your digestive system and detect traces of any diseases or foreign bacterias. Depending on what things or combination of things the E. chromi found in your G.I. tract, you would poop rainbows. Well, hopefully you wouldn’t poop rainbows, because normal poop that would mean you were healthy. But say you were suffering from Salmonella or something, your poop would be purple. [Mental Floss]