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You’re probably totally over ombre hair — but have you tried ombre nails yet? We’re really feeling this trend, which can be done at home in six easy steps. We spoke with Red Carpet Manicure nail technician Danielle Candido who gave us a step-by-step guide to getting the perfect pink ombre manicure. She did it with Red Carpet Manicure’s at-home LED gel system, which allows you to give yourself a gel manicure (with all the perks of a long-lasting in-salon gel manicure) at home. So you can follow her tips to get the general gist and then try it yourself!

1. Start out by preparing the nails according to the instructions that come with your Red Carpet Manicure kit. Apply Structure Base Coat and cure.

2. Apply one coat of ‘Candid Moment’ by stroking a thin layer over the entire nail and cure.

3. Next, using a triangular shaped cosmetic sponge, paint ‘After Party Playful’ on the end of the sponge and blot off excess.  Then sponge onto three-quarters of the nail working from the free edge on an angle towards the cuticle. Cure. Repeat for more intense color.

4. Paint ‘Paparazzied’ on the end of the cosmetic sponge, blot off excess, then sponge onto half of the nail on an angle working from the free edge toward the cuticle. Cure. Repeat for more intense color.

5. Apply one coat of ‘Glitterazzi’ to the entire nail and cure.

6. Apply a thin coat of Brilliance Top Coat. Cure and wipe with Purify.

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