Evening Quickies: Levi Johnston Broke, Living With Mom

  • Levi Johnston is supposedly broke and living with his mom after spending his Playgirl fortune on “guns, boats and four-wheelers.” Say what you will about Bristol Palin, but at least she’s the more responsible parent. (Oh, and Levi has another baby on the way, remember!) [Celebrity Cafe]
  • I am a bit surprised at who Michelle Obama said  she would most like to be other than herself. [Politico]
  • Kim Kardashian let who feel her butt?! [PopBytes]
  • Sony says  “Think Like A Man” was never planned for release in France, although that doesn’t address the rumors that the film is being kept out because it features an all-black cast. [Uptown Magazine
  • You guys, it’s Maru the cat’s 5th birthday! [Dlisted]

  • Minka Kelly is the latest celeb who may play Jackie Kennedy on film. [Celebrity Cafe]
  • Sugar doesn’t just hype you up — it also might make you stupider. [Modern Man]
  • What does it mean when a guy says he broke up with you because he “loves you too much”? [A New Mode]
  • Brights with brights is too much. But brights with neutrals is just right. [Wander With Style]
  • Can crying at work ever be a good idea, contrary to popular belief? [The Grindstone]
  • Damn, Gavin Rossdale takes a lot of Twitpics of himself. [BuzzFfed]
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