Well Played: Kirsten Dunst Returns To Her Lisbon Roots In Cannes

Are you excited for the new film adaptation of “On The Road”? I feel pretty impartial about it, but it’s probably because I’m just not that into Kerouac. I would assume that those who are probably have very strong feelings about it one way or another. I am looking forward to seeing how the movie turns out given the ambitious material. I’m also curious to see Kristen Stewart and Kirsten Dunst in their roles — from the looks of the Cannes photocall for the film, the two have gotten pretty chummy. I usually love Kirsten’s style, but I just hated the drab Rodarte dress she wore to the Met Ball.

Happily, it seems her good sartorial sense has been restored: this Dolce & Gabbana dress she wore to the aforementioned “On The Road” event alongside Stewart (in some badass Balenciaga pants) is grown-up and ladylike (and, come on, so “The Virgin Suicides” in its subdued, dreamy allure), which I think is the look Kirsten has been going for, without appearing matronly. I’m not usually one to praise superfluous head accessories, but her hair and the beaded floral headband are both gorgeous, as are the kickass pumps with mirrored gold platform (want, want, want). She also looks positively glowing, and while I hate to factor into the celebrity rumor mill, Stewart’s gestures towards her co-star’s stomach at the photocall have led media outlets to believe she’s pregnant. Could a bun in the oven (with the roguishly handsome Garett Hedlund, no less!) be to thank for Kirsten’s otherworldly radiance? It’s a shot in the dark, but hey — we’ll see.