“Call Me Maybe” Dating Cards Are Officially A Thing

It looks like Carly Rae Jepson’s song “Call Me Maybe” may have inspired more than a slew of viral tributes, which reached a fever pitch on “The Today Show”‘s live dance-off last week. The latest in “Call Me Maybe” memetry (I just made that word up …  it’s like puppetry, but with memes) are business cards that men seem to be distributing to women. On the one hand, I might chuckle half-heartedly if I received one. I can appreciate irony. But the “maybe” phone call would be a “never” for me. I can’t take dating gimmicks seriously. I would be left to wondering how many he had handed out in that crowded bar alone. Ten? One hundred? Hoping for one phone call … maybe. His time would be better spent getting the phone number or email address of one girl he really liked. Besides, I hate talking on the phone, so there’s that too. I barely call my family. And those are like, required phone calls to people I love.

How about you? Have you gotten a “Call Me Maybe” business card? What would you do if you did? [Jezebel]