It’s Time To Cry: Teacup Poodle Survives The Loss Of Both Front Legs

Sometimes it’s other people’s stories that inspire us, but sometimes our animal friends can enliven our spirits. Ramen Noodle is my inspiration today. The teacup poodle, who has survived against all odds, is the subject of a new photo series by animal photographer Carli Davidson. As you can see, little Ramen has no front legs. He suffered a broken arm when he was eight months old. His first owner didn’t care for it properly, and he lost his arm to a case of gangrene. He eventually made a full recovery and ended up being adopted by his clinic caretaker Jamie Salata Van Tassel. But Ramen Noodle’s struggles weren’t over yet. He jumped off a chair and broke his other arm so badly that it also had to be removed. 

Noooo! (As I write this, I am shaking a fist at the heavens.) Why do bad things happen to good dogs? What I love about Ramen is that he didn’t waste one second feeling sorry for himself. That dog learned how to live on his hind legs, dammit. “Ramen gets around the house on his hind legs … I’ve watched him run at full-speed for toys, and to play with other dogs, he is essentially unrestricted despite his lack of front arms,” his owner reported. I just want to give him a hug. And maybe steal him and bring him home with me. Or at the very least, make a shrine in his honor. [The Daily What]