Teen Activist Julia Bluhm Is Still Fighting Against Photoshop

A couple weeks ago we told you about an amazing 14-year-old activist named Julia Bluhm who wrote a petition to Seventeen magazine asking them to publish one unaltered photo spread every month. Well, since then Julia’s been busy. Her petition has garnered over 74,000 signatures (yep, you read that right: 74,000), she scored a profile in The New York Times, and she recently held a mock photo shoot outside the Seventeen offices (that’s her in the middle)…

“I’m a teenage girl, and I know how it feels to think you’re not good enough,” says Julia. “I want girls to be able to feel good about themselves, and being able to relate to the images in the magazines we read will help.” Seventeen editors met with Julia earlier this month, and while a spokesperson says they are taking her concerns seriously, they have yet to make any promises regarding their airbrushing practices.

Julia is still hopeful and has kind words for her favorite magazine: “I chose Seventeen because I really love Seventeen, and they’re already doing a lot to make girls feel good about their bodies. I thought they’d like to take it a step farther to make us love it even more.” We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again: Rock on, Julia. Rock on.

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