Second Catholic College Drops Student Health Plan Over Birth Control Melodrama

  • Ave Maria University in Florida has dropped its student health plan rather than cover birth control in its health plan. I don’t understand why Catholic universities are doing this. It’s pretty clear: under the health care reform compromise, if a religiously-affiliated employer (such as Ave Maria University) objects to covering birth control in its health care plan, then its insurance company will be required to cover it free of charge. See? You don’t have to pay for it. Canceling student health plans just seems like a way to make headlines while pretending to be the victim. [Think Progress]
  • Congress is debating a so-called “fetal pain” bill that would ban abortions in the District of Columbia after 20 weeks of pregnancy based on the medically unproven claim that fetuses can feel pain after that point. [AP]
  • The grocery store chain Safeway is doing PR damage control: the senior vice president made a joke about Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi being pigs at the company’s annual shareholders meeting. [Slate]
  • Women are significantly underrepresented in clinical trials for HIV/AIDS drugs. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Bei Bei Shui, the Indiana woman who was arrested for feticide because she tried to commit suicide while pregnant, is closer to being released from jail. [NPR]
  • The Women’s Professional Soccer League is folding after three years. [Sports Illustrated]
  • Nerds! Let’s take a look at how female vampires are portrayed in pop culture. [Feministe]
  • Attention, Winona!  The Portland Queer Documentary Film Festival is happening this weekend in Oregon. [Bitch Magazine]
  • The president of Malawi, Joyce Banda, said she wants the African country to overturn its ban on homosexual behavior. [BBC
  • Eighteen women in New Zealand may have been given toxic breast implants made by the French company PIP, which used industrial grade silicone instead of medical grade silicone. [New Zealand Herald]
  • Meet Ruchi Sanghvi of India, the first female engineer at Facebook who is now the vice president of operations at Dropbox. [BBC
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