Annoying “Pregnant In Heels” Husband Fritz Needs To Shut The Fritz Up

I worked from home yesterday, which means I had Bravo on in the background all day. Which means I got to catch up with the lovely and bizarrely accented Rosie Pope and her band of charmingly crazy preggo ladies. But this season’s debut episode featured perhaps one of the worst dudes on record: Fritz. Fritz, I’m coming for you. Fritz, who along with his wife Christina, is an “esoteric performance artist entrepreneur,” was adamant that his wife go out into the woods and give birth against a tree somewhere. Which is really easy for him to say since it’s not his body or anything. As you might imagine, his wife was less than convinced that this was a good idea, but acquiesced to his decision not to have a hospital birth. Instead, sort of against her will, she was having a home birth, without pain killers, because as Fritz explained, if she “makes it through the pain of childbirth without screaming or going to the hospital she’ll feel that she accomplished so much more.”

Aside from Fritz’s overall horrid Gallagher-esque appearance, the thing that annoys me the most is that Fritz seems to really believe he’s being mega sensitive when in actuality he’s being incredibly domineering. He’s the very picture of the sensitive new age guy who’s condescendingly forcing his will on the people around him using the veneer of the beta male. He tells Christina that her birth “is going to be wonderful, it’s going to be perfect,” and doesn’t allow her to speak her fears, or express her doubts.” In the end, Christina gives birth to the couple’s son with the help of a loving but firm midwife, and all’s well. But hopefully Rosie has helped Christina learn how to speak up and Fritz has learned how to zip it, too.

Check out another clip, below, of Fritz explaining how he wants Christina to give birth against a tree, because it’s just that easy.