Well Played: Cécile Cassel At The Showing Of Chanel’s Cruise Collection

Cécile Cassel is an unfamiliar name in the States, but as the daughter of the late Jean-Pierre Cassel, the young actress’s patrician French pedigree is kind of a big deal. Her brother has a larger American presence — you may recall his role as the ballet teacher Thomas Leroy in “Black Swan” or perhaps his leading roll in “La Haine,” the 1995 French film still hailed as one of the best movies ever made. A quick Google search will inform you that Cécile had a brief speaking role on the final season of one very famous television show that saw her as Chloé, the angsty, Gallically existential daughter of — wait for it — Aleksandr Petrovsky. Evidently, she also has a way with high fashion, seeing as she sat front row at Monday’s presentation of the Chanel 2012/13 cruise collection in beautiful Versailles. Cécile was a standout, even among such international style icons as Tilda Swinton, Vanessa Paradis, and Inès de la Fressange.

I literally want to steal this entire ensemble (lo, our Style Stealer is no match for head-to-toe Chanel), but I’m particularly obsessed with the idiosyncratic details of her outfit: the miniature bowler hat perched just so, the bright poppy pumps with gold, turquoise, and coral beading, and most especially her vivid robin’s egg manicure with contrasting orange on toes. What is it with these French girls, and why can’t we plebeian Americans ever be quite as fabulous? Mysteries.