The Best Part Of Working On A Campaign? Sex With A Secret Service Guy, Apparently

As much as I love it when women’s magazines try to inject political coverage in between the beauty tips, sometimes the end result is a painful FAIL.

Take a piece on about working on a presidential campaign: “It’s like one giant summer camp whirlwind!” What does that mean, exactly? Well, if you’re a woman working in the campaign trail, it means “a lot of sex and drinking,” trying to sleep with a Secret Service agent and fattening up on all the free muffins. 

The short piece in the “Inspired” section focuses on four parts of working on a campaign: “hookups” with fellow staff (and, apparently, the Secret Service), finding “love” on the campaign trail, “weight gain” from eating unhealthfully on your travels, and lastly, all the “rewards,” like appointments to high-profile jobs after the election. Had only focused on that last point, readers interested in politics may have been able to actually learn something pertinent to their careers. 

But instead the fluff piece focuses on romance, hookups and weight gain.  I am not denying that there are hookups or love relationships on the campaign trail.  (And yes, I am looking at you, Rielle Hunter.)  Why is the emphasis so frivolous and unprofessional, though?  Considering we as a society want to encourage more women to go into politics, not less, why would make it seem like the ones already there are party girls?

I can understand why needed to “sex up” their piece, given how the reality of working on the campaign trail is probably pretty boring. Lots of meetings, lots of photo ops, lots of putting out small fires — you know, job stuff.  And it’s a hard job. (Anyone see “Ides Of March”?) What a shame they made the serious work women on the campaign trail do an afterthought to all that “hard-partying” that needs to get done. Inspiring indeed!


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