Review: Freedom Bras Are Definitely Freeing

Every week, I get an email from Groupon Goods offering me a selection of deeply discounted products like earbuds and yoga mats and wine stoppers. I really need to unsubscribe from this email, because it’s turning me into one of those tragic women who goes into massive debt buying crap from the Home Shopping Network and is eventually buried in an avalanche of collectible teddy bears, but whatever. A few weeks ago my Groupon Goods email included a 3-pack of “Freedom Bras,” and I was instantly intrigued…

What were these so-called Freedom Bras? Was this like a “freedom fries” situation and they were originally called French Bras but were renamed after we invaded Iraq? Here’s what the overview said:

Freedom bras forgo pokey wires and hooks for the smooth and seamless design of woven nylon and spandex. Full-coverage cups provide soft support while helping to accentuate curves like the brush of an adolescent renaissance painter. The wide shoulder straps stay in place while wearers go about their day, and the expandable, velvety fabric material conforms to busts of any size and shape.

I have big boobs (I’m a 36F at the moment), so I only wear underwire bras, which aren’t super comfortable, but the cruel truth of big boobs is that not wearing a bra can be almost equally uncomfortable. A stretchy bra with defined cups sounded like a perfect option for lounging around the house and even low-impact exercise like yoga and pilates. Plus the Groupon Goods price was 30 bucks for three Freedom Bras. Sold!

So, do they actually work? Well, kinda. Support-wise, they’re not great, but I was expecting that. They’re only slightly more supportive than a shelf-bra camisole, but the wide straps don’t dig into my shoulders and they don’t give me a neck or shoulder ache like sports bras often do, so that’s good. The fabric is super soft and they do create a smooth line across the back. I’m not sure I’d wear them out in public, but I’m pretty happy to have them every night when I triumphantly toss my underwire bra aside and reach for this comfy alternative.

Overall, I’d say Freedom Bras are a great choice for small to medium size busts–probably C cups and smaller. Although if you have a larger bust and are looking for a comfortable option for hanging out at home, Freedom Bras are worth a try. Especially if you see them on sale.

On that note–do any readers with large busts have any recommendations for non-underwire bras? I’m always looking for new options!

[Freedom Bras, $99 for pack of 3]