Man Runs Against Estranged Wife For Political Seat Out Of Spite

Today, in d-baggery: Long Island man Mark Schimel is running for state Assemblyman. This wouldn’t a big deal, except that Schimel is running against his estranged wife Michelle (pictured), to whom he’s been married for the last 32 years. Michelle’s held the seat for the last three terms, and is running as a Democrat, so Schimel is naturally running against her on the Republican ticket.

Even Mark’s mother Irma was shocked by the level of spite to which he’d stepped. When informed by The New York Daily News of her son’s plans, she responded, “You’re joking. This is a really startling thing. It’s a shock. Why would he do this?” Irma says she still considers Michelle her daughter-in-law, despite her son’s marital troubles. “I love her very much. I can’t believe he’d do a thing like this. I’m going to talk to him.” And, she continued, “He’ll never win anything against Michelle. They [the voters] love her.” So not even his mother supports the move.

Curiously, Mark Schimel was a registered Democrat while he and Michelle were happily married. He changed his affiliation only after deciding to run for office.

Democratic party operatives have accused local Republican party members of “lowering themselves to any level … and allowing people’s personal issues to become part of political mudslinging.” But Republican party leaders swear they’ll keep it above board.

Right. [NYDN]