14 C**k Socks To Dress Up Any Penis

According to an article in the Metro UK, the traditional Croatian penis warmer is making a comeback. C**k socks, which were originally worn by shepherds to protect against penile frostbite during long horse rides, are regaining popularity. There’s a stag film in there somewhere. Anyhow, professional knitter, Radmila Kus decided to resurrect (or reserect?) the penis warmer, which she makes to measure. “I used to make slippers for tourists but these willy warmers are so popular I just can’t keep up,” Radmila says. She even plans to make one for President Obama. I wonder if he’s already given her his, uh, measurements. It doesn’t seem like most modern men would need a c**k sock, per se,even in the harshest weather conditions, but hey, Radmila’s creations look like a lot of fun. And I enthusiastically endorse pointless trends if I find them amusing enough. So that’s a YES for me. C**k warmers are the new must-have dickessory. Click through to see some more fun penis warmers for his longest horse rides. [Metro UK]