We Want Grandchildren, Dammit! Parents Are Paying To Freeze Their Adult Daughters’ Eggs

Mother Nature’s biological clock stops for no one, not even wannabe grandparents. And that’s why, instead of nagging their daughters about why they have not settled down and started pumping out babies, The New York Times reports that today’s moms and dads are helping to foot the bill to freeze their eggs. Well, rich moms and dads, anyway. The procedure to freeze eggs (not including future in vitro fertilization) costs between $8,000 and $18,000. But apparently, the possibility of future grandchildren is priceless.

As Amelia herself has written about, many successful women are finding themselves in their mid- to late-30s and realizing that throwing their eggs on ice might be a wise backup plan if they want to have kids. But given the exorbitant cost and trying emotional process, women’s graying parents are stepping in to help instead of a husband or boyfriend. As the Times explained, many parents see the investment as a “gift” to their daughters (even if it is a gift with somewhat selfish, grandparental motivations!).  There is even a company My Egg Bank North America that allows family members to gift their financial contribution by way of a gift certificate and silver charm bracelet.

Would you feel comfortable discussing your fertility with your mom and dad? And likewise, would you feel comfortable asking them to help pay for fertility treatments? Let us know in the comments.

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