5 Simple Pieces Of Sex Advice From “Savage U”

Have you been watching “Savage U” on MTV? You should be! Frankly, I think the show should be required viewing for teens and college students, as Dan both hilariously and empathetically delivers some of the best and most straightforward sex and dating advice ever seen on TV or elsewhere. The first time I heard Dan (we’re on a first name basis), on his “Savage Love” podcast, talk about the importance of being “GGG” (“Good, Giving and Game”) in a relationship, my mind was kind of blown. So simple, but it encapsulates the exact dynamic I want to share with a partner. So it’s not come as any surprise to me that the advice he’s given on “Savage U” — airing Tuesdays at midnight on MTV — is just as straightforward and spot-on. Here are five bits of advice I especially loved. [MTV]

1. Yes, it counts. Not sure if oral sex is actually “sex”? As Dan says, oral sex’s last name is sex, therefore, yes, it counts as sex. 

2. Back it up. Want to try anal sex for the first time? Dan recommends lots of lube — obviously — but also says that the catcher (i.e. the lady in this scenario) backs it up rather than the pitcher driving it forward. That ways she controls the pace!

3. You don’t have to come every time. I know that I have definitely felt almost embarrassed by my inability to hit the high note, even though I know many women have difficulty reaching orgasm every time they get it on. If you’re like me, give yourself permission not to come every time and stand behind the fact that sex can be totally awesome even without the big O.

4. Your vagina ain’t dirty and it’s not full of nickels and lost keys. It’s fine not to like receiving oral sex because you don’t like the sensation or it does nothing for you, but make sure it’s not because you have a hangup about the way it tastes and smells. And if you’re worried that guys don’t actually enjoy giving it, trust — many, many guys love going down.


5. Sex has YOU. Yes, sex is something you have, but, as Dan says, sex is more powerful than you, it’s older than you, it’s smarter than you and it can outfox you. That doesn’t mean that you have to give in to every impulse, but never lose sight of how crazy a rollercoaster sex actually is.