R.I.P. All These Cancelled TV Shows

It happens every year — you get attached to some new TV show, only to learn five or six episodes in that it’s not coming back after its debut season. It’s the sad lifecyle of TV — if a show doesn’t make the desired ratings, it’s gotta walk the plank. In the last few days, networks have been announcing their latest round of cuts — most which won’t surprise you (who ever watched “Gifted Man,” anyway?) But there are some surprises (“Pan Am” seemed to do pretty well). After the jump, all the TV shows that are getting canned to make way for new TV this fall.

ABC: GBC, The River, Missing, Pan Am, Work It, Man Up, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and Charlie’s Angels

NBC: Are You There, Chelsea?, Awake, Bent, Best Friend’s Friends Forever, Harry’s Law, The Firm, Prime Suspect, Playboy Club, Who Do You Think You Are and Free Agents

CBS: CSI: Miami, Gifted Man, How To Be A Gentleman, Unforgettable, Rob and NY 22

FOX: Terra Nova, Alcatraz, Breaking In, The Finder, I Hate My Teenage Daughter and Allen Gregory

The CW: Ringer, The Secret Circle and H8R

Also announced: Both “30 Rock” and “Gossip Girl” will end after next season. And “Community” will move to Friday nights, so don’t forget to watch it then! [DListed]