Now, Even Your Clothes Hangers Will Feature Facebook

Facebook is everywhere, all the time — and now, it’ll be able to follow you into the mall, even if you don’t have a smart phone. That’s because new retail technology has created digitized hangers that are linked up to Facebook. Every time someone “likes” an article of clothing online, the hanger updates the number of likes the piece of clothing receives in real time. That way, if you’re shopping alone, you can still crowdsource your outfit. Choosing between two leather jackets, for example? The digital hanger will allow you to use one more metric in deciding. Maybe you’ll choose the one with more Facebook likes, figure retailers. So far, the system is being tested out in Brazil. But one possible glitch that’s already been discussed? When people put the right clothing back on the wrong hanger. For the fashionably insecure, that’s sure to spell disaster. [Mashable]