Amy Winehouse Was “Freaked Out” By Adele’s Success, Mark Ronson Reveals

[Amy Winehouse and I] spent a little time together and talked about [working together]. But, what little time we had, well, it was tense. She was in a bad state, God knows why. I think that the Adele thing had Amy freaked out. She liked her, but Adele’s success was making Amy feel upset, competitive, restless. Anyway, we lost touch briefly. And before she and I could really start the process of beginning a new album, it was too late. 

–Mark Ronson reveals that Amy Winehouse, with whom he worked on her “Back To Black” album, was feeling really competitive and anxious about the success of another young, talented British female with a big voice: Adele.

Of course we all know Amy Winehouse was also “in a bad state,” as he puts it, due to her drug and alcohol abuse. But I can’t help but feel a twinge of sadness that the success of another woman was getting under Amy’s skin. It’s my personal belief that when the media acts like there should be one voice for all women — say, the recent Lena Dunham/”Girls” silliness — it sends the message that there can only be one voice for women. How sad that Amy ever felt such pressure. [Village Voice]

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