This Week In Sex: “Time”‘s Breastfeeding Mom Knew What She Was Getting Into & The Hottest Female Prisoners

  • Time Magazine’s now infamous breastfeeding mom says she knew that there would be a lot of ruckus over the picture. Ya think? Here’s an interview where she talks about it. [Newser]
  • Get ready to get annoyed. Here are the most common excuses men use to avoid wearing condoms. Oy. [Your Tango]
  • There was a big shoot out in California with some prostitutes and some johns. Inciting incident: Stolen iPhones. [Huffington Post]
  • Are you into vampire dudes? Here are a few famous ones to fantasize about. [TresSugar]
  • Here are some reasons why one woman thinks everyone should be having one night stands. See if you agree. [College Candy]
  • And speaking of one-night stands … here are some tips so that you’re ready should the opportunity present itself. [Ask Men]
  • In case you were sitting around wondering about your dating prospects who are currently incarcerated … here ya go. These are the hottest females behind bars. [Nerve]
  • These five sex positions can’t possibly be enjoyable, can they? [LA Weekly]
  • Sometimes commercials are sexist against men, too. Here are some examples. [Cracked]