For Your Boyfriend: Gently Direct Him To A Gentleman’s Read

You’re lucky, you have The Frisky to help you out of any and all crises, whether they be style-generated (can I wear socks with heels?) or relationship-oriented (Is it okay to have murderous feelings about my significant other after I trip over his shoes for the twelfth time?). But where do our guy friends go when they need an extra-serving of online advice, inspiration or distraction? We’ve got a new suggestion: A Gentleman’s Read, a website that helpfully gathers together top men’s fashion experts, style sites and good reads in one space. The site’s curators gathered material from sites like Gilt, Dezeen, Another Something and Protein to provide readers with everything from interviews with artisans to reviews of new clothing lines to must-have design trinkets.  Think of it less like a blog, and more like a very convenient everything-and-the-kitchen-sink awesome dude education system. [A Gentleman’s Read]