Are We Ready For The Documentary About Pedophilia?

For the first time, there’s a documentary that examines the global impact of pedophilia from a sociocultural and historical perspective. “Are All Men Pedophiles?”, which has screened at various festivals this year, explores the question with the help of religious leaders, a psychologist, sexologist, neuroscientist and even a model scout. The film covers everything from the Lolita community (a Japanese fashion subculture oriented around looking a little girl),  to stories of child sexual abuse, to opinions about teen-adult sex. It endeavors to bring out the “other side of the story” by making a distinction between pedophilia (attraction to young children) and hebephilia (clinically defined as attraction to pubescent children). Dutch director Jan-Willem Breure wanted “to confront people with the issue” he was facing himself. The 23-year-old was inspired to make the film (which he funded it himself) when he found himself attracted to girls as young as 15. The girl featured on the film poster which asks, “Do you find me attractive?” is only 14.

I feel uncomfortable just watching this trailer, so I suppose Breure’s done his job. Perhaps it’s a good thing for us to confront this issue. I feel like bringing a very taboo issue out of the collective unconscious helps diffuse it. But I will say that no matter what I learn while watching the film, I stand firmly in my belief that pedophilia will not and should not be accepted in any society. I don’t think any argument can sway my gut instinct on this one. And as if taking on pedophilia wasn’t enough, Breure’s next film will be about incest. [Buzzfeed]