Style 911: “Help Me Find An Open-Back Shirt!”

“I am dying to find a top like the one I recently saw someone wearing that had an open lower back. I know I’m not describing it well, but I found a few that I didn’t really like and I hope you guys will help! Are these tops a little too slutty for every day wearing or are they okay?” – Emily

So first off, the proper name for this kind of shirt is a tulip back shirt. So if you’re ever want to do any searching for these yourself, now you know what to look for! I personally love tulip back shirts, because they offer an alternative way to be sexy from the typical cleavage-baring top. Backs are totally sexy! But it’s all about finding one that you feel comfortable and confident in. That’s why I’ve found a few different styles for you to try. Depending on what you feel most comfortable wearing, and baring, you can show a lot of skin, or a little. I personally think that the best versions of these shirts start the tulip slit a little bit lower, so that you don’t feel like your entire torso is exposed. 

1. Striped Tulip Back Button Up, $22.80

2. DV by Dolce Vita Cream Woven “Sacha” Polka Dot Tulip Back Top, $55.25

3. Anthropologie Tulip Back Tee, $48

4. Jack by BB Dakota Tulip Back Tank, $54

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