Richelle Says: HLN Host Asks Why Professional Athletes Receive Special Treatment When It Comes To Domestic Violence Charges

Emmy award-winning television journalist for HLN, Richelle Carey will be weighing in weekly on the latest headlines Frisky readers care about. In her role as journalist and anchor, Carey advocates for teen girls and women on issues that we all care about. 

Today’s topic: Boxer Floyd Mayweather’s domestic abuse charges. Instead of serving a 90-day jail sentence for assaulting his ex-girlfriend in September of 2010, Mayweather was in Las Vegas this past weekend, boxing a highly publicized fight against Miguel Cotto. The fight earned Mayweather a guaranteed $32 million (not including the cut he received from the pay-per-view subscribers). So why was he in the ring instead of the slammer? A judge granted him a six-month delay on his jail sentence based on the fact that this fight would bring in over $100 million for the city of Las Vegas, some of which Mayweather promised to donate to a breast cancer charity. 

How is this just? Nobody else gets to show up to jail when it’s convenient for them, Richelle points out. When asked about his “special treatment” in regards to domestic violence, Floyd Mayweather said, “It comes with the territory.” But Richelle’s more important question here: “When will a woman and her safety have more value in our society than money or fame?” Amen to that!

Check out the video above to hear more of  what Richelle has to say about this issue. You can catch Richelle Carey as an anchor for HLN and weekly host of “What Matters” where she tackles the top issues and concerns facing the African-American community. To learn more about Richelle, check out her website or follow her on Facebook or Twitter.